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We develop and manufacture our sensors and devices exclusively at our site in Germany. "made in Germany" quality is a matter of course for us. We never compromise. We place the highest value on quality assurance in the selection of the material, the design and manufacture of our products. A resolute emphasis on quality orientation ensures exceptionally high reliability and longevity of Proxitron products. Even when our sensors are exposed to the most extreme conditions – which is often the case.

"We have extreme conditions under control"

We honour this motto by meeting your particular requirements with special concepts. A wide range of high temperature sensors for multiple applications – in addition to a comprehensive range of standard sensors – has always been part of our delivery program. This especially includes our high temperature inductive proximity switches up to an ambient temperature of 230 °C, our light barriers with a range of up to 2,500 m at an ambient temperature of 200 °C and our infrared sensors that like it really hot.

However, above and beyond this, much more is possible. IP69K-compliant devices and devices with increased and high sensing ranges up to our inductive area sensors which can be used to monitor, check and control processes to a width of 1,000 mm with one device.