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Sensors from Proxitron are used throughout the world in a very wide range of applications. The spectrum ranges from applications in agriculture - such as pruning in viticulture, for example - up to extreme applications in steel plants and rolling mills, where our sensors are not only exposed to extreme heat but also to aggressive rolling mill emulsions, moisture and mechanical stresses.

A selection of applications where our sensors are used is given in the application reports. You will be amazed at the wide variety of tasks in which our sensors are involved throughout the world on a daily basis. If you are looking for a special solution, you are welcome to contact us.

Wet Press Molding Tool

The outstanding features of components from carbon-fiber reinforced plastic include high stiffness and solidity while maintaining a low weight. In the mass production of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, sensors are used as well.  More>> 

Monitoring of a strip roller path

The exactness of the tube length measurement depends on the capability for reproduction to detect the tubes beginning and end. However, different sizes of tubes can cause problems when detection is required. More>>

Monitoring of walking beam furnaces

Walking beam furnaces are used for heating slabs, billets or rods prior to the rolling process. How you can detect hot objects at temperatures of up to 1,200 °C shows this application report.More>>

Hot rolling of metal profiles

Reliable monitoring of material on a roller path needs every rolling mill. The material itself or gaps shall be recognised, regardlessly of environmentalfactors like steam or soiling, to guarantee an efficient and undisturbed production. More>>

Can production

Every company which acts in the packaging branch needs reliable monitoring of material on conveyor belts. The demands for sensors to guarantee an efficient and undisturbed production are high: material or gaps shall be recognised, the size of the articles are to be checked, jams on the conveyor track need to be announced. More >>

Ratio pyrometer for temperature measurements of cast steel

Temperature measurements on highly volatile objects have oft en been a challenge to companies. If, in addition, the ambient temperature rises up to 250°C, the measurement instrument must still be reliable. More >>

Pilger mill in tube rolling mills

The increasing flexibility of production lines requires a high adaptability of sensors. Continually changing object geometries, different temperatures and very high radiation or surrounding temperatures are no rarity. More>>