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DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmBH develops and manufactures linear and angular encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts, and numerical controls. HEIDENHAIN supplies its products to manufacturers of automated machines and systems, in particular for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.
A continuous drive to provide technically superior products in combination with reliability, closeness to the customer, and a practice-oriented frame of mind form the basis of HEIDENHAIN's efforts. Our competence in the area of linear and angular metrology is reflected by a large number of customized solutions for users. These include in particular the measuring and inspection devices developed and built for many of the world's standards laboratories as well as angle encoders for various telescope projects and satellite receiving antennas. Of course the products in the standard HEIDENHAIN product program profit from the knowledge gained in such projects..

HEIDENHAIN has always sought a dialog with science and research on the one hand and with users and customers of the other. Today, HEIDENHAIN is represented in more than 40 countries—in most of them with wholly owned subsidiaries. Sales engineers and service technicians support the user on-site with technical information and servicing in the local language

Autonics is now a total solution provider in sensors and controllers offering more than 5,000 items to the various fields of industrial automation through its continuous R&D/MANUFACTURING endeavors.


Anticipating social needs and filling them with pioneering technology. This describes the role Omron has played over its 70 year history. Omron founder Kazuma Tateisi, a brilliant inventor and determined salesman, tried his hand at a knife-grinder and trouser press before launching Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co. in 1933 based on a need by hospitals for faster X-ray timers. The three employee staffed factory grew into Omron Corporation, today a $4.5 billion global leader in sensing and control components with over 23,000 employees spread out across 35 countries.
In its trail Omron has left a string of developments that have revolutionized our lives, including several incredible world's firsts: non-contact proximity switch, automatic traffic signal, ticket vending machine and fully automated train station system, automatic cancer cell diagnostic equipment, and on-line cash dispenser. Omron makes significant contributions in a wide variety of fields such as industrial automation, home appliances & office equipment, automobiles, social & financial systems, and healthcare.
We invite you to take a look around our site and learn more about what we're doing for our investors, customers, partners, employees, and society as a whole.


Simplicity-Precision, Flexibility-Standardization and Easu to use-Diversity are the harmonic foundations of Lg variable Frequency Drives, exiting ranges of outstanding features provide competitive solutions in general power trasmission industry.


Robohand based in Monroe, CT., was founded in 1982 when the company designed and built the first intelligent sensorized gripper. Quickly, Robohand grew by innovating and manufacturing gripper, slide, and other modular components used to automate a variety of manufacturing tasks. Robohand's well-engineered products soon earned a position of market leadership that holds firm today.


For two decades designers and operational technicians all over the world have relied on sensors of the trademarks Proxitron and Piros(Proxitron Infrarot Sensor). The individual solutions for operational automation cannot be found by simply looking into surveys of the delivery programme. Only by discussing the application in question with our experts time-tested components are found or adapted by means of modification. For us quality of the products does not simply mean durability: Consulting and delivery safety are also important factors for quality. Our competence is coming from our customers of all industrial ranges.


For the past 50 years, KISSLING products and designs have been guaranteeing safe operation, extensive quality standards, high user durability and quick installation. For demanding and extreme applications, Switch to the Right One