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Rotary Encoders


Rotary encoders are used to electronically monitor the position of a rotating shaft by converting shaft rotation into electronic pulses. The encoder’s output pulses are counted and evaluated by a control unit to determine machine position and velocity, which provides exceptional accuracy and flexibility when controlling motion. High operating speed and system speed decreases the number of cycles and boosts overall productivity in manufacturing environment. Autonics rotary encoders are in various sizes and types to offer high quality and precise measuring of the operation position and speed of the rotating shaft, etc. for more precise control of the objects.



Incremental encoders

ENHP Series 
Portable incremental type of Rotary encoder with handle
E40 Series 
Diameter Ø40mm Shaft type/Hollow type/Built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder
E50S Series 
Diameter Ø50mm Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder
E58 Series 
Ø58mm incremental type rotary encoders
E20S/E20HB Series 
Ø20mm micro & super light encoders
E50S-C Series 
Ø 50mm Connector type Rotary Encoder E50S-C Series
E30S Series 
Diameter ø30mm shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder
E60H Series 
Diameter ø60mm Hollow shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder
E68S Series 
Diameter ø68mm shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder
E80H Series 
Diameter ø80mm Hollow shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder
E100H Series 
Diameter ø100mm hollow type Incremental Rotary encoder
ENA Series 
Side-mounting shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder
ENC Series 
Wheel type incremental rotary encoders
ENH Series 
Incremental manual handle type Rotary encoder
E18S Series 
Diameter ø18mm shaft type of incremental rotary encoder

Absolute encoders

EPM50 Series 
Absolute type multi-turn rotary encoders
ENP Series 
Diameter Ø60mm Shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder
EP58 Series 
Ø58mm absolute type rotary encoders
EP50S Series 
Diameter ø50mm shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder

Flexible coupling

ERB Series 
Flexible coupling – ERB Series