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Photoelectric Sensors


Photoelectric sensors use a beam of light to detect the presence or absence of an object. This technology is used to identify size and contrast of an object. 4 kinds of general purpose photoelectric sensor product lines are designed to ensure advanced technology performance combined with optic & electric technology and are widely applied in various fields of industry for its optimized functions, quality, application flexibility and reliability while remaining strongly competitive with its price among the whole industry. Application areas of photoelectric sensors include industrial automation lines, elevators, parking facilities, logistics services, semiconductor devices, packaging machines and construction areas.


Micro photoelectric sensors
BS5 Series 
Micro photoelectric sensors
 Amplifier built-in type
BTF Series 
Realizing ultra slim size and reliable sensing performance
BA2M Series 
Small, diffuse reflective type with long sensing distance
BJ Series 
High-functional compact photoelectric sensors
BY Series 
Small emitter/receiver synchronizing type
BYD Series 
Compact sized photoelectric sensors
BPS Series 
Slim photoelectric sensor for long sensing distance
BM Series 
Small and light, popular type photoelectric sensor
BMS Series 
High speed response type with built-in output protection circuit
 Power supply built-in type
BX Series 
Terminal type photoelectric sensor for long distance
BEN Series 
Compact, power supply built-in type with built-in amplifier
 U-shaped type
BUP Series 
Reinforced plastic case U-Shaped type photoelectric sensor
 Cylindrical type
BR Series 
Cylindrical photoelectric sensors
 Liquid level type
BL Series 
Superior Sensing Performace in Compact Design